Calla Lily Fan Wedding Program In 2001 I was asked to be a bridesmaid. In complete excitement of seeing my friend of more than 15 years marry her high school sweetheart, I naturally said yes. At the time I would have never imagined the role I would play in her wedding would lead to the start of my own business.

If you've ever been a bridesmaid, you are well aware of all the details and responsibilities that get thrown your way. And being a creative person, I got double the load. Every bride wants their wedding to be special...and my friend was no different. So when she said she wanted a wedding program that would double as a fan for a garden theme wedding, I had to answer the call. Calla Lilies were her flowers of choice, so I came up with the idea of a wedding program in the shape of a Calla Lily. How I was going to achieve this would prove to be the real challenge. But once I worked out all of the kinks, this little idea was a hit at the wedding and Concepts II Completion was born.

Years later, the Calla lily Fan Wedding Program is more refined than the original hand-cut version (yes, I hand-cut 150 calla lily programs) but still remains a top seller. After being a bridesmaid in a few weddings, I understand how challenging planning your wedding can be. It is my desire to make the process less stressful and maybe even enjoyable by understanding your needs and the vision you have for your wedding. I hope that my designs and products inspire you to dream big and to reach for your dreams.


Cathy Gabriel
Owner, Creative Director